ERP Demos: A Step-by-step Guide for Manufacturers

An ERP software search can create an overwhelming amount of information. By applying the best practices contained in this guide, you can take control of the process, shortening timeframes, minimizing confusion—and making the best ERP selection decision for your company. This guide covers:

  • Quick start tips
  • Discovery: Questions you need to ask
  • Demo preparation and demo execution
  • Manufacturing ERP requirements template
  • Expert recommendations and pricing

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Take the stress out of software acquisitions: With detailed evaluations for over 200 ERP and MRP systems, our data-driven selection approach simplifies complex software decisions so you can make smarter choices at any stage of your buying cycle.

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Aggrieved ad tech types decry Google dominance in W3C standards – who writes the rules and for whom?

World Wide Web Consortium urged to get its governance act together

Earlier this week, 20 web advertising companies wrote to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)’s Advisory Board to ask that the standards organization revise its governance process to prevent ad tech giants like Google from running roughshod over the concerns of others with an interest in the web.…