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Dear Affiliate,

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  • Generous Payout - We are proud to offer 50% commission per sale! We invite you to look for other file hiding software companies that offer a generous payout rate with such a low price point.

  • High Demand - Supreme Folder Hider is file hiding software that prevents anyone who uses your computer from viewing your folders, or more importantly, the files inside. This is simply a great product to promote!

  • Low, Low Refund Rate - FileHidingSoftware.com features a free demo for potential customers to see the powerful features and results of using the software.

Here are some details about getting started:

ClickBank handles our affiliate program. ClickBank sends out checks twice a month, with minimum sales of $10. That means you could be getting checks from ClickBank every two weeks just by using your affiliate link and linking to WatchSome Webcams!

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If you have any questions or would like some help getting started, feel free to contact us.

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