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  • Have you asked wondered how do I hide files and folders?
  • Do you want to know how to hide files and folders from showing up within Windows Explorer?
  • Do you want to make files and folders invisible at the click of a button?
If you do, download Supreme Folder Hider!

Supreme Folder Hider is a simple, yet robust folder hider. Supreme Folder Hider was designed to allow you to quickly hide folders from everyone else who uses your computer. By hiding folders from showing up within Windows Explorer, Supreme Folder Hider will prevent both the novice, or advanced user, from finding your digital photos, videos, and other important files. This folder security software allows you to hide folders with a simple keyboard hotkey. Supreme Folder Hider runs in stealth mode and doesn't show up in the applications tab when you press Control-Alt-Delete. Password protect folders easily by using a simple keyboard hotkey. Hide files and folders and make your pc secure!

Download Supreme Folder Hider

Why should I get your professional file hiding software instead of someone else's?

Just download our demo and you'll see for yourself why you'll want to get our full version when you compare it with others you might have already tried.

Supreme Folder Hider gives you the ability to hide files and folders and have them reappear with a simple keyboard combination, or with just one click of the mouse. Many others, make you waste a few clicks to accomplish the same thing as our product.

Hide folders with Supreme Folder Hider Hide files with Supreme Folder Hider

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Requirements: Win 9x/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 10

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